Mduduzi, aged 4

January 18th 2009.

Mduduzi was lying asleep in his mothers bed in their house.
He rolled over and was bitten on the arm by a spitting cobra that had entered the hut and climbed onto the bed. He rolled over when woken by the pain and was immediately bitten twice more on the other arm. His family took him to the local clinic one hour away and he was treated with aspirin and mooty, the local faith healing traditional medicine. He received no further proper treatment or painkillers for another month. Finally in desperation when the infection and necrosis got worse his mother took him to Thea Litschka who then paid for and oversaw the clinic treatment. By this time though it was too late for antivenom and the tissue damage was already done. The medics wanted to amputate the worst arm. But with daily treatment, fresh dressings and healthy meals, Thea was able to build Mduduzis strength and he is well on the road to recovery. However without plastic surgery he will be severely scarred.

If antivenom had been available then the severity of the damage caused by the bites would have been much reduced and would probably have left little or no scarring. Also Mduduzis 3 months of agonising pain and suffering could have lasted only weeks.

Please give generously to help Mduduzi

Mduduzi square

Antivenom is expensive, even by western standards.
One vial of antivenom costs around £45 or $70.
It takes around 5 vials to treat someone who has been bitten by a black mamba.

No donation is too small.

Antivenom Swazi Trust Foundation no: 285/2009 PO Box 129, Tshaneni L308 Swaziland

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